The Beyond Zero logo is a primary element of the Beyond Zero Identity System. Similar to our blue vehicle badge, the logo’s unique gradient is inspired by the Earth’s atmospheric glow when seen from space. When combined with the power of our brand logo architecture, it represents the Beyond Zero vision, while staying Unmistakably Toyota.

A lit up sign on a building with Beyond Zero logo and gradient.
Toyota brand logo image
Core Brand Logo Guidelines

Working on Toyota brand or vehicle-specific marketing materials? Please refer to our core brand logo guidelines.


As with all brand logos: Do not modify the logos, create new logos or add “TOYOTA” to any logo.

Understanding the Logo

This logo leverages the impact of the Toyota staging platform and emblem, while using a unique blue gradient and type style to represent something familiar yet new.

Beyond Zero Logo Example.
When to Use It

This logo should only be used in communications about the Beyond Zero vision and/or our electrified lineup. Always use the logo on its own, never in combination with any other staging platform logo.

Not for Vehicle-Specific Use

There are no Beyond Zero vehicle logos. If the main focus of the communication is marketing a specific vehicle, use one of the red staging platform logos.

Use With Beyond Zero Disclaimer

The Beyond Zero logo must be used in close proximity to a disclaimer. Find more guidelines and approved disclaimers in the Messaging Guidelines.

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Logo Variations
Logo Variations

The logo is available in horizontal and vertical configurations to fit any Beyond Zero communication.

Beyond Zero Horizontal Logo Example.
Beyond Zero Vertical Logo Example.
Color Variations

The full-color gradient logo has two variations for use with light and dark backgrounds. Single-color variations in black and white are also available when necessary.

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Spacing & Size
Spacing & Size
Clear Space

Minimum clear space is 50% of the staging platform height, or 2X. Determine “X” by dividing the staging platform into a 4x4 grid.


The clear space should scale with the logo. Minimum margin size is also 2X, which you can learn more about in our Layout Guidelines.

The Beyond Zero logo with a blue margin surrounding it marked 2x. The logo staging platform has a 4x4 grid with an x marked in one square to show how to determine the value of x.
Minimum Size

The Beyond Zero logo uses larger minimum size heights than the Toyota logo to accommodate for the lighter font weight. We encourage using a logo height larger than the listed minimum to enhance legibility.






32 pixels









48 pixels



Do not use

A Toyota out of home ad with the Beyond Zero logo, a Toyota electrified vehicle driving down a city street and a headline that reads Life Electrified.
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Logo Watchouts
Logo Watchouts
Place Disclaimer Close to the Logo

The Beyond Zero logo requires supportive messaging to ensure education is provided on the Beyond Zero vision. Please reference the Messaging Guidelines for more information about disclaimers.

A Beyond Zero logo on a white background with the disclaimer below it in close promixity.

The Beyond Zero logo must be used in close proximity to the disclaimer.

Ensure the Logo Is Legible

Due to the nature of the gradient staging platform and book weight type, scale and backgrounds should be carefully considered to optimize contrast and impact across all color variations. Take advantage of negative space and retouching to achieve a suitable background.

An example of incorrect usage showing a Beyond Zero logo against a sky background where the white text of the logo is not legible.

Avoid backgrounds that blend in with the staging platform gradient or that reduce type legibility.

An example of correct usage showing a Beyond Zero logo against a dark background where the white text of the logo is legible.

Select backgrounds that provide proper contrast and legibility for both the gradient and the type.

Do Not Modify the Logo

Do not alter or add to the logo lockup in any way. Do not create new logo variations outside of the provided suite of assets.

An example of incorrect usage showing an ad that contains an altered Beyond Zero logo that uses the blue gradient staging platform with the Toyota

Don’t modify the Toyota or Beyond Zero logo lockups in any way.

A correct example of the same ad as above using the actual Beyond Zero logo. Toyota is added to the headline so it reads “Choose from Toyota’s Diverse Electrified Lineup”

To enhance brand attribution, “Toyota” may be added into headlines or body copy when appropriate.

Do Not Use Multiple Logos

The Beyond Zero logo should always be used on its own and never in combination with any other staging platform logo.

An example of incorrect usage showing an ad that uses both the Beyond Zero and the Toyota brand logo side by side.

Don’t use multiple logos in an application.

An example of incorrect usage showing an ad that uses the Beyond Zero logo in the top left and a Prius logo in the bottom right.

Don’t add vehicle logos to Beyond Zero communications. The Beyond Zero logo should not be used in vehicle-specific communications.

Select the Correct File Format

For Keynote or Powerpoint, make sure to use PNG logos for best results.

A zoomed in close up of the logo staging platform showing streaks across the gradient.

Avoid importing vector logos into Keynote and Powerpoint, as they often have rendering issues when viewed in Adobe Acrobat as exported PDFs.

A PNG icon with an arrow that points to Keynote and Powerpoint icons.

PNG logos work best for Keynote and Powerpoint presentation programs.

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Beyond Zero Starter Kit

Download the logo suite as part of our Beyond Zero Starter Kit.

Core Logo Guidelines

Explore all of our core brand logos and learn how to use them for maximum impact.