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About Beyond Zero
About Beyond Zero

Before you create Beyond Zero work, it is important to first understand two things: what the Beyond Zero vision is and how to use the Beyond Zero Identity System to bring the vision to life.

Image of man plugging his vehicle into a charging station.
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The Beyond Zero Vision
The Beyond Zero Vision
The Beyond Zero vision statement over a blue gradient.
Understanding Our Beyond Zero Positioning

We are inviting drivers to join our Beyond Zero vision by giving them the power of choice for reducing their own carbon footprint. When the opportunity arises, we are also telling them about the things we are doing to make a positive impact to our planet and society. The following statements can be used as internal guidance for understanding how we’re positioning Beyond Zero in the marketplace, and what to highlight in both brand and product communications.

Brand Statement

“Beyond Zero is Toyota’s vision to reach carbon neutrality with our products, services, and operations; and go beyond as we find new ways to make a positive impact on our planet and society.”

Product Statement

“We currently offer more low and zero emissions vehicles combined than any other automaker to give customers the most choices to reduce their carbon footprint. By choosing any one of our many low and zero emission vehicles, everyone can help drive even more electrified miles and join us as we work to reduce carbon emissions. That’s driving change toward a brighter tomorrow, and that’s our Beyond Zero vision.”

Positive Impact Statement

“Since our Beyond Zero vision is also about making a positive impact on our planet and society, where possible, we encourage you to also highlight examples of things you do on a local level to make the world better. By way of example only, this can include your efforts to make your dealerships more environmentally conscious or the philanthropy you do in your community.”

Need further guidance on messaging?

Please refer to the messaging guidelines for instruction on how to craft messaging about the Beyond Zero vision.

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Beyond Zero Identity System
Beyond Zero Identity System

We’ve developed a dedicated identity system with visual assets and messaging to bring this vision to life and ensure consistency across marketing materials in North America. Please note that Beyond Zero is an ever-evolving initiative and requires an adaptable system. As this evolves, guidelines will be updated.

Collage of image blocks showing from left to right, the Beyond Zero logo, a list of font weight with “Book” highlighted, color blocks of Beyond Zero colors, an image of an electrified vehicle, Beyond Zero illustrated graphics and a laptop with the Beyond Zero endtag on the screen.
When and When Not to Use

The Beyond Zero visual identity should only be used when the main focus of the communication is to educate about the vision and the electrified lineup. Our core brand assets and visual guidelines should be used in all other cases.


Only use when the main focus of the communication is to educate about the Beyond Zero vision.


You may also use if the main focus is to educate about the electrified lineup, as long as the Beyond Zero vision is also communicated.


Do not use if Beyond Zero vision and/or electrified lineup is not the primary focus.


Do not use if the primary communication is about a specific vehicle(s), even if it is an electrified vehicle.

North America vs. Global Identity

As with Toyota’s visual identity, you may notice visual elements differ in other markets globally. While the North America Beyond Zero Identity System shares inspiration with the global identity, these separate systems should not be combined in any way.

Beyond Zero logo example.

For North America marketing communications, only use the visual identity outlined in these guidelines.

Global Beyond Zero logo with circular graphic and global type font.

Never use the global identity, including any instance of the circular graphic, in North America marketing communications.

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Beyond Zero Starter Kit

Download our starter kit for all Beyond Zero assets, including logo, icons, illustrative graphics and background gradients.

Core Brand Guidelines

Get inspiration and best practices for creating core brand marketing materials in our visual, sonic and dynamic guidelines.