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End Tag
End Tag

The Toyota end tag is expressive, memorable, and versatile. Watch how it fits seamlessly with all our brand elements, for a powerful sign-off that stands out in the marketplace.

A couple gets out of a vehicle to look at hot-air balloons in the sky. Text across the image reads “The First-Ever Corolla Cross.”
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Primary End Tags
Primary End Tags

These are our main end tags, versions of which are used across media channels. They are oriented for 16:9 video content only.

Toyota logo on white background.

Just like the Toyota logo, the Toyota end tag is our go-to for all brand communications. Use it in broadcast and digital whenever possible.

Corolla logo on white background.

Vehicle end tags are available for use in vehicle-specific spots across all mediums.

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End Tag Versions
End Tag Versions

Each end tag toolkit includes three different versions made for Flame or Premiere. Each version is designed to meet the needs of different spots.

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Production Guidance
Production Guidance

Our final sign-off layers the end tag with our other brand elements in a consistent and recognizable way.

Crafting the Sign-Off Sequence

Broadcast spots using a :03 end tag should employ the following elements in this sequence to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Image of couple getting out of vehicle with hot-air balloons in the sky. At the top of the image, “The First Ever Corolla Cross” is written in white text that is starting to fade out.

Main Spot Resolves

Let story-related visuals, supers and graphics resolve before starting the branding sequence.

Image of vehicle with hot-air balloons in the sky with no text over the image.

Insert One Clear Frame

After any supers have fully faded out, include one frame without graphics or logos before introducing the end tag.

Image of vehicle with hot-air balloons with the Toyota logo appearing in the center of the image.

Cross-Dissolve to End Tag

Make sure the last frame works with the end tag for a smooth transition.

Toyota logo over a cross-dissolved image.

End Tag With Signature

The end tag animation plays, synced with the Sonic Signature.

Toyota logo on white background.

End Tag Resolves

The branding sequence ends.

Sound bar icon.
Audio Sequence

Our end tag is always synced with a prominent vocal or instrumental 3-note Sonic Signature, often referred to as “Oh Oh Ah.” To make sure the Sonic Signature stands out, it should be inserted between the “Toyota. Let’s Go Places” voiceover.


① Voiceover “Toyota”

② Signature “Oh Oh Ah”

③ Voiceover “Let’s Go Places”

Minimum Cross-Dissolve Frame Count

Adequate tails should be included on the last shot to overlap with the animation as it cross-dissolves to the end tag. For each end tag version, use the following minimum frame counts.

Full-Screen: 03

42 frames beyond the :27, :57 or :87 mark where the end tag starts to fade on.

Half-Screen: 03

24 frames past the :07, :12 or :27 mark where the end tag starts to fade on.

Full-Screen: 01

21 frames past the :05, :09 or :14 mark where the end tag starts to fade on.


Generic versions finalized without any end tag should use these same minimum frame counts.

Production Watchouts

Paying attention to the guidelines below helps ensure the end tag is clearly visible as it cross-dissolves over picture, for a smooth, natural transition.


Action relevant to the story should conclude before the end tag animation begins.


There should be no cuts during the cross-dissolve transition to the logo.

Art Direction
A Toyota logo centered over an image of a vehicle and mountainous terrain representing correct usage.

Use wider shots with subjects slightly off-center to create visual space for the end tag.


Consider darkening the shot for better contrast with the logo and flares.

A Toyota logo over a woman’s face dressed in red, representing incorrect usage.

Since the end tag is centered, stay away from perfectly centered subjects or close-ups on faces.


Don’t use too much red as it will make the logo and flares less legible.

Text and Graphics
A Toyota end-tag logo used incorrectly with a text super and vehicle logo appearing above and below.

Don’t allow supers to overlap with the end tag animation. Leave one clear frame in between.


Never have more than one logo artwork on the screen at a time.

 A Toyota end tag with black text along the bottom of the screen showing incorrect usage.

Don’t use URLs, hashtags, or legal text over any full screen end tag.

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We use the Billboard asset in cases where a stand-alone dynamic logo is required, unattached to any spot. It’s available as a :03 full-screen asset for 16:9 orientation. Please do not attempt to create a Billboard by using the end tag toolkit. The red flares in the toolkit are not visible over white, so we enhanced the flares for the Billboard exclusively.

A jumbotron screen in a stadium at night displaying the Toyota logo.
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End Tag Toolkits

Get end tag toolkits in Adobe Premiere or Flame with step-by-step technical instructions. They include all formats of the end tag, from full-screen to half-screen.

Syncing With the Sonic Signature

Our Sonic Signature harnesses the power of sound to make our brand more memorable. Learn more about how to use and create a signature to go with our end tag.


Yes, this end tag may be extended up to 12 frames by holding on to the last frame. This will make it a total of 1.5 seconds in length.

We recommend you cut from the offer card back to picture to cross-dissolve into the end tag, rather than fade directly from it to the end tag.

The :01 end tag is too short to tag. Retail versions need a :03 half-screen end tag to accommodate TDA and Dealer information.

You could get by with fewer frames by freezing the last frame to complete the transition.

  • For the :03 full-screen end tag, we recommend a minimum of 30 frames before freezing the last frame.
  • For the :03 half-screen end tag, we recommend a minimum of 20 frames before freezing.
  • For the :01 end tag, we recommend a minimum of 12 frames before freezing.

All text should use Toyota Type. Learn more about typesetting best practices in Typography.