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Watermark Music
Watermark Music

Watermarking music is a way of weaving the Sonic Signature into a larger body of music, enhancing brand familiarity. This technique allows us the flexibility to connect people to the brand through different genres.

Music player graphics showing multiple Watermark tracks.
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Watermark Variations
Watermark Variations

The possibilities for Watermark Music are endless, but here are the main types of music you can create or find in our library.

Vocal or Instrumental

When weaving the 3-note Signature into a body of music, you can use the vocal version, instrumental version or a combination of both.

Female Ballad
Choral Classical
Instrumental Rock

Watermark Music provides creativity and flexibility across different genres and moods while still connecting listeners to the brand in a more subtle manner.

Indie Folk
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Why Watermarking Works
Why Watermarking Works

In order to build recognition and familiarity, the Signature should be used at the end of the following types of communications.

Man and woman in bright clothing walking behind a Toyota.

Ownable Music

We create ownable Toyota music that sounds like the brand and can represent a wide array of audiences, products and services.

Boy in father's arms holding a stuffed animal.

Emotional Connection

It’s no secret that music tugs at the heartstrings. Our Watermarks effortlessly complement the visuals of any story with a sound that’s instantly recognizable. 

A couple looking at a website together.

Heightens Engagement

Provides a way to serve up the 3-note Signature at the height of engagement, amplifying brand recognition and recall.

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Where to Watermark Music
Where to Watermark Music

It can be used in multiple ways across the brand. Below are potential use cases, but these descriptions should not limit where and when to implement it.

Campaigns icon.

Similar to the Signature, it can be used to score Broadcast, Non-Linear and Radio.

Reveals icon.

Adds excitement and engagement to vehicle reveals.

Experiential icon.

Amps up the experience in sponsorships, activations, auto shows, events and award ceremonies.

peeches icon.

Use as walk-on music or for presentation support.

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How to Watermark Music
How to Watermark Music

Watermark Music is intended to support creativity, so let the story guide you.

Finding Watermarks

Watermark assets are free to use for all tiers across all channels. A Signature is built into the music at the end of every track, so a separate Signature is not needed. Here’s how to find the right fit in our library. 

Duration icon.

Tracks are available in 15-second, 30-second or 60-second lengths.


Genre and Mood icon.
Genre and Mood

Filter for genre and mood to find the right feeling for your story.

BPM icon.

Look for a BPM to match the pace you need for your score.

Making New Watermarks

When creating an original piece of music, employ the watermark technique. Here’s an example of original Watermark Music used in a campaign, along with creative tips for a successful score.

Keep the Rhythm

This video illustrates the correct rhythm and note composition for the Signature. The rhythm must be maintained at all times, but other elements can adjust to match the musical score. See below for more details.

Family on beach grabbing gear from the back of a Toyota.
Keep it Subtle

Do not let the audience be distracted; rather, be subtle with weaving in the Signature, with the goal of creating familiarity over time.

Put the Story First

Put creativity and storytelling first, and let the story guide what feels right for the music.

Use Vocal or Instrumental

Depending on your voiceover or other storytelling elements, determine whether a vocal or instrumental 3- note Signature might be more appropriate.

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Watermark Library

Enhance your work with sonic assets that are free to use across all channels. The library will continue to expand, providing a range of audio options across multiple extensions.

Asset Forms

Using or creating a Watermark? The lead producer must download and submit the following forms with details on your asset and how it was used. Instructions for submitting the form are included in the pdf.


No. Licensed music, whether stock or a popular track, cannot be watermarked.

Using Watermark Music is recommended wherever possible.

Find out more about the four main ways to generate sonic assets in our Music Selection section.

Signature: The 3-note Signature is used at the end of all communications.

Watermarking: The act of creating music where the 3-note Signature is woven repeatedly throughout the body of music.

No. A final Signature is built into the music at the end of every Watermark track, so a separate Signature is not needed.