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The Toyota logo is more than just the visual symbol of our brand, it represents who we are. When it's used consistently, we reinforce an emotional connection.

A collage of multiple Toyota ads with different logos.
Logo Family

We have four types of logos, all built around the same foundation to keep things simple, consistent and easily recognizable. Please ensure you are using the most up to-date logo in all materials.

Toyota logo example.

Toyota Brand

Tacoma logo example.


Let’s Go Places logo example.

LGP Tagline

ToyotaCare logo example.


Logo Elements

At the core of every logo are three simple elements.

Chart style module pointing out 3 different parts of the Toyota logo.
1. Emblem
The ellipses that represent our brand. The most current version of the emblem has a small gap between the top two ellipses.
2. Staging Platform
The red box surrounding the Toyota emblem.
3. Typography
The wordmark or text that’s built into all logo artwork.
Logo Watchouts

Follow these key guidelines no matter which logo you use.

Example ad showing incorrect usage with the Toyota staging platform used by itself in the corner and a large white emblem on the left of the image.

Don’t extract the staging platform and emblem from the logo, and never use the emblem as a design element.

Example ad showing incorrect usage with a 4Runner logo in the top corner and a Toyota logo in the bottom corner.

Don’t use multiple logos in an application. Only use one of our logos at a time to keep the communication clear.

Example ad showing incorrect usage with an altered Toyota logo with round corners and typeset typography that reads “TOYOTA VEHICLES.”

Never alter or create a logo. Only use logos that are available for download on the Toyota Brand Hub.

Example ad showing incorrect usage with a Certified Used Vehicles logo and a headline that reads “Great Deals on Certified Used Vehicles.”

Avoid redundancy. Use the vehicle, sub-brand or tagline in either the headline or the logo, not both.

Toyota Logo

The Toyota logo sets the standard for our brand and is available in horizontal and vertical configurations to fit into any brand communication.

Horizontal Toyota logo example.
Vertical Toyota logo example.
Using the Toyota Logo

As our most prominent logo, it’s used in a variety of situations to leverage brand equity.

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Vehicle Logos
Vehicle Logos

We have specific logo artwork for all of our vehicles to make them stand out in every vehicle communication and expression. In addition to horizontal and vertical configurations, vehicle logos may have alternate versions to accommodate different name lengths and space considerations.

Using a Vehicle Logo

Vehicle logos are used when marketing a specific Toyota model. With the vehicle name built into the logo artwork, the writer has more freedom to create a captivating headline.

An out-of-home billboard with a Tacoma logo shows a Tacoma parked on the top of a rocky mountain, the headline reading “Forge Ahead.”
Vehicle Logo Watchouts
An example ad showing incorrect usage with the Toyota logo and the Tacoma vehicle badge.

Don’t use vehicle badges in marketing communications.

An example ad showing incorrect usage with the Tacoma logo and a headline that reads “Turn Heads in a Tacoma.”

Don’t use a vehicle logo when the vehicle name is in the headline.

Let’s Go Places Logo

Our tagline is available as a logo in vertical and horizontal configurations. An alternate stacked configuration is also available for when space is limited

Using our Tagline as a Logo

Use the Let's Go Places logo to bring out the spirit and essence of our tagline.

An ad with the Let’s Go Places logo. In the image, next to rocky cliffs and the ocean, a family unloads their Highlander with chairs and a yellow cooler.
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Sub-Brand Logos
Sub-Brand Logos

A Toyota sub-brand is a product, service or program that supports the overarching Toyota Brand. In addition to horizontal and vertical configurations, sub-brand logos may have alternate versions to accommodate different name lengths and space considerations.

Using a Sub-Brand Logo

These logos should only be used for single sub-brand communications.

A banner stand displays a sub-brand ad inside a building. It has the Certified Used Vehicles logo with an image of two vehicles and a headline.
Three ToyotaCare brochures sit on top of a table. The cover has the ToyotaCare logo in the bottom corner.
Sub-Brand Watchouts
An example ad showing correct usage with the Toyota logo in the upper corner and a list of sub- brands in the bottom corner.

For multiple sub-brands, typeset the list of names and use the Toyota Brand logo as a visual anchor.

An example ad showing incorrect usage with the Toyota logo in the upper corner and 3 different sub- brand logos stacked in the bottom corner.

Don't use a sub-brand logo with any other logo in a single application.

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Color Variations
Color Variations

Our logos use our brand colors to create a consistent, recognizable look. The full-color version is our iconic go-to, but single-color variations are available for specific use cases.

Full-Color Logos

There are two full-color options for use across all approved logo configurations.

Full-color Toyota logo example with black text on a white background.
Primary Option
Full-color Toyota logo example with white text on a black background.
Secondary Option
Single-Color Logos (Limited Use)

Our single-color logos have been created using a transparent emblem and are available for specific use cases.

black logo on a white background
white logo on a black background
red logo on a white background
white logo on a red background
Choosing the Appropriate Color

Find out more about when to use each of our color variations.

The corner of a magazine is displayed. The text box has the full-color Toyota logo on a white background.
Full-Color, Black Type
Primary Option

Use in all marketing and communication materials with a light background.

Image of soccer teams on a field with the Toyota logo displayed on the perimeter wall against a black background.
Full-Color, White Type
Secondary Option

Use in all marketing and communication materials with a dark background.


Sponsorship Note: This is our preferred logo for sponsorship signage as it maximizes visibility and impact.

A black-and-white Toyota newspaper ad.
Specific Use Cases Only

Only use when full-color production is unavailable.


Sponsorship Note: These single-color logos may be used when dictated by a partnership.

Color Watchouts

Always ensure that legibility and impact are optimized across all color variations.

The full-color Toyota logo is displayed against a blue sky with white clouds.

The logo should clearly stand out from the background.

A black single-color Toyota logo on a camo-patterned background showing incorrect usage.

Never place a single-color logo over a pattern or color gradation, because it has a transparent emblem and legibility can be impaired.

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Spacing and Size
Spacing and Size

Keep the logo clear of other design elements and choose the appropriate logo size for your layout with the guidelines below.

Clear Space

Minimum clear space is 50% of the staging platform height, or 2X. Determine “X” by dividing the staging platform into a 4x4 grid.


The clear space should scale with the logo. Minimum margin size is also 2X, which you can learn more about in our Layout Guidelines.

The Toyota logo with a white grid on the staging platform and a x on the grid representing ¼ of the platform height. A blue margin surrounds the logo marked 2x.
Minimum Size

Layouts come in all sizes and our logo needs to stay legible no matter what. Here are some minimum logo sizes depending on the application.






24 pixels









30 pixels



Do not use

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Sponsorships are crucial to our brand, as they represent a chance to truly connect with our customers in the places they live, work and play. We use the Toyota logo in all sponsorships unless a vehicle logo is required.

Title Sponsorships

In Title and Naming Rights Sponsorships, the Toyota logo is aligned or integrated with the sponsorship event or property logo. All logo guidelines should be referenced to ensure proper use and implementation.

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Co-Branding Lockups
Co-Branding Lockups

Co-branding lockups visually represent the relationship between Toyota and our partners. Lockups should work with the partner logo to create a balanced look. In addition to the best practices below, all logo guidelines should be referenced to ensure proper use and implementation.

Three banner ads with a lockup of the Toyota logo and Beaver Creek resort’s logo hang on display at the entrance of a ski resort.

Create a balanced lockup by making sure the Toyota logo carries the same visual weight as the partner logo. If possible, place the Toyota logo first for more prominence. Always select a configuration that best matches the shape of the partner logo and the surrounding layout.

Divider Line

Follow these best practices for using a divider line to combine the Toyota logo and partner logo.

A side-by-side lockup surrounded by a blue margin marked 2x. There are two columns surrounding the black line in the middle of the lockup showing proper spacing.


The divider line extends to the full height or width of the Toyota logo including the wordmark. 



Determine the weight of the dividing line by using a 72 (length)-to-1 (width) ratio, but never go thinner than 1 pixel.



Match the color of the line to “Toyota” in the logo. For example, when the logo typography is black, the line should be black.


Clear Space

Use 1x spacing within the lockup between the divider line and the logos. Use 2x spacing around the entire outside perimeter of the lockup. 

Co-Branding Designation

Co-branding designations are sometimes added to a lockup to establish the role Toyota plays in the sponsorship opportunity. Here’s how we style and place these to make things clear.

A horizontal side-by-side lockup with “Proud Partner” written below it. A row divides this text from the lockup marked x to show proper spacing. A blue margin marked 2x surrounds both lockup and text.


Toyota Type Regular


Font Case

Title case is preferred



Size no smaller than 1/2X and no larger than 1X



Designation color should match Toyota in the logo


Place the designation on the appropriate side of the logo so the words flow naturally as they would if read aloud. For example, "Toyota - Official Mobility Partner," not "Official Mobility Partner - Toyota." Or "Presented by – Toyota," not "Toyota - Presented by."

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Download Logos

Explore all of our logo assets. You'll be able to easily filter to find the specific logo you need.

Layout Guidelines

Learn how to place and align logos when designing a layout.


No. In order to create consistency across the brand, all logos should be created by the Toyota Brand Team.

If you have a request for additional logo assets, please email The request will be reviewed by Toyota management. If approved, the assets will be provided in a timely manner.

Sub-brand logos are only created for products, services and programs that are recognized as sub-brands by Toyota. Short-term initiatives, internal teams and general communications are not considered sub-brands and should not be represented with a logo.

The Corporate Wordmark and Legacy Logo should only be used by Toyota Corporate and are not for use in any marketing communications.


No. You should never extract the staging platform and emblem from the logo. The emblem should not be used as a design element. All downloadable logos are final artwork and should not be modified.

In March 2021, all VIS logos and end tags were updated using a revised Toyota emblem provided by TMC. You can find the updated logos here.


To check to make sure you are using the current logos, see visual below.