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Brand Colors
Brand Colors

Our brand colors might be simple, but they pack a punch when it comes to brand recognition. They create a clear identity and distinction for Toyota and our products.

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Toyota Red
Toyota Red

Toyota Red is the color of excitement, energy and confidence, making it perfect for conveying our brand spirit. Using Toyota Red as our most prominent color ensures we stand out in the marketplace.

Toyota Red

RGB 235 10 30
CMYK 00 100 90 00
PMS 186C

Toyota Red in Action

In addition to expressing energy and excitement, Toyota Red brings focus to designs and draws the eye toward important elements. A primary logo feature, you can also use it with intention in typography, backgrounds or as a design accent.


Allow the red in the logo or vehicle to pop instead of adding extra red.

Utilize red strategically in a layout to bring focus to key elements.

For bolder expressions, add red to backgrounds, but be careful to not overwhelm the composition.

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Functional Colors
Functional Colors

In our brand color palette, the boldness of Toyota Red is contrasted with simple yet functional shades for a balanced look and feel in our communications.


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 00 00 00 00

HEX 000000
RGB 00 00 00
CMYK 00 00 00 100
PMS Black C

HEX 58595B
RGB 88 89 91
CMYK 00 00 00 80
PMS Black C - 80% TINT

Functional Colors in Action

Here are some examples of how to use functional colors to create a clear visual hierarchy.


Gray may be used as a secondary color in headline and body text when sufficient contrast can be maintained for legibility.

White space allows for information to breathe and often promotes greater visibility and impact.

Black can be used in typography or as a background in digital applications when contrast is required.

Color Modes

Color is displayed differently on screens than on print, so it is important to create artwork using the correct color mode for its intended destination.

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Color Profile Guidelines

For clear direction on accentuating color in still images and video, see our Color Profile Guidelines.

Logos Guidelines

To explore full-color and single-color logos and usage, see our Logos Guidelines.


Colors will not match exactly across various media applications. This is due to subtle differences between the displaying media and the type of reproduction. For instance, colors will appear more vibrant in digital than print because digital is a backlit surface, as opposed to paper, which is an opaque surface.

Even within the same media, applications may appear slightly different. For example, computer screens may be calibrated differently, and paper materials have different hues and levels of opacity.

Always consider contrast and legibility when choosing colors for text and backgrounds. Toyota Red can be also used to highlight important words in the message but be careful not to overwhelm the composition. For more about typography best practices, view our Typography Guidelines here.

Toyota Red should always be used at full opacity. Black may be used at various opacities in digital applications to indicate active and hover states.