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End Tag
End Tag

The Beyond Zero logo has been translated into an end tag format for dynamic campaigns. Like all Beyond Zero elements, it is only for use in spots about the Beyond Zero vision or our electrified lineup.

A woman sitting in front of a TV with the Beyond Zero logo displayed on the screen.
Core Brand End Tag Guidelines

Please refer to the Toyota end tag guidelines for general production guidance, such as editing, art direction and frame counts.

Sonic Guidelines

The Sonic Signature should always be included in Beyond Zero dynamic executions. Learn how in our Sonic guidelines.

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End Tag Versions
End Tag Versions

The Beyond Zero end tag is available in four versions, each with or without a URL. When you download the end tag toolkit, it will include all versions made for Flame or Premiere. Each version is designed to meet the needs of different spots.

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Sign-Off Sequence
Sign-Off Sequence

Broadcast spots using a :03 end tag should add a Beyond Zero disclaimer during the spot and sign-off using the following sequence.

Video still of a vehicle driving down a dirt road. There is a legal disclaimer at the bottom of the frame.


Include the Beyond Zero disclaimer over picture earlier in the spot. Place in close proximity to the logo when applicable.

A video still from later in the same add of the vehicle from behind continuing on a road. A super that reads “Electrify Your Ride” is fading out.

Main Spot Resolves

Let story-related visuals, supers and graphics resolve before starting the branding sequence.

A video still showing a clear frame with supers and graphics no longer on the screen.

Insert One Clear Frame

After any supers have fully faded out, include one frame without graphics or logos before introducing the end tag.

The following video still in the sequence with the end tag cross dissolving on screen.

Cross Dissolve to End Tag

Make sure the last frame works with the end tag for a smooth transition.

Video still with the imagery fading out as the end tag animation plays.

End Tag With Signature

The end tag animation plays, synced with the Sonic Signature and full “Toyota – Oh-Oh-Ah – Let’s Go Places” audio sequence.

Beyond Zero end tag on screen with URL.

End Tag with URL

Please include the URL, unless otherwise instructed by your legal counsel.

Need further guidance on end tags?

Please reference the core end tag production guidance for more detailed instructions.

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Toyota End Tag Guidelines

Find additional guidance on using the brand and vehicle end tags.

Beyond Zero Starter Kit

Download the end tag toolkit as part of our Beyond Zero Starter Kit.