Let’s make it unmistakable.
Our approach to creating Unmistakably Toyota work focuses on connecting with people through storytelling by leveraging consistent and iconic brand elements you can see, hear and feel.
A red heart icon outlined in black.
Emotional Connection
Focusing on emotional storytelling creates a more meaningful and memorable brand.
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Consistent Application
Using brand elements with consistency reinforces our message and builds trust.
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Iconic Execution
Creating a uniquely branded world leads to work that could only come from Toyota.
Bring the brand to life visually


In this section

  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Brand Colors
  • Photography
  • Color Profile
  • Iconography
  • Layout
A hand flips through a Toyota Brand Handbook with pages about typography, layout and photography.
Videos of Toyota end tags and an animated super play within the screens of an iPad, computer and laptop.
Energize the brand with motion


In this section

  • End Tag
  • Animated Supers
Explore the brand’s unique sound


In this section

  • Signature
  • Watermark
An image of friends inside a vehicle singing along to music with a super of the words “Oh Oh Ah” displayed like musical notes.
Beyond Zero billboard ad with sky and trees in background. The ad shows a blue Mirai with the headline “Electrify Your Ride” with the Beyond Zero logo bottom left and disclaimer below.
Beyond Zero Identity System

Our Beyond Zero Identity System is an extension of our core brand, with specific guidelines and assets all its own. If you are developing any Beyond Zero work, head over to the extensions area of our guidelines to get started.

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